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San Antonio, TX, United States


I enjoy spending time at home in front of the TV with a variety of knitting projects. My hand knitting covers a broad array of themes; baby blankets, soft throws, winter hats and scarf sets, clothing sets for babies (either a dress or pants and pullover), skirts, vests, and so on. I also enjoy big projects like full-sized blankets - everything from colorful comforters for kids' rooms, to king sized knitted blankets made of the finest materials: wool, alpaca, llama and lamb wool and so on. Many of my hand-knitted projects have ended up as charitable donations or with friends from church or the new babies of acquaintances. I am currently out of work due to covid and would like to sell more of my fine hand-knitted products online to support myself.

Get to Know

Love travel and knitting while watching TV . During my travels in 45 states of U S A I often stopped at gift , antiques, thrift stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army stores all over U S A . As it happens some of my collections are gathered from all over the places from all the states I have been traveling. Sometime I found a plate in Michigan, then a mug in Philadelphia, then a coffee/tea pot in South Carolina and so far I have collected all kind of dish wares, gifts, wood items, fine porcelains, jewelries and so on. Started collecting my items since 1998 to present . Love traveling to different places and discovering new treasures or unique things I have never seen or heard of . Hence my collection is very broad in any area imaginable. I also knit a lot since I was a child I started lots of different art crafts , stich crossed hand sewing, hand sewing embroideries, folkloric kitchen tabletops , napkins and more. Plus I hand crocket and hand knit . There are many more art hand crafted things I am handy with. Never had enough time to explore and expand all my art crafting desires. Currently I am out of work hence I tried to open this site to sell some of my items in order to sustain myself.