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Herkimer, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

My greatest pleasure is making a special piece of jewelry for my customer that cannot be purchased elsewhere.


I work in sterling silver using semiprescious gems, beads, freshwater pearls and shell components. Many of my pieces are one-of-a-kind. I continually search for more and better methods to bring you that special piece.

Skills and Techniques

I have taken courses in metalsmithing at Munson Williams Art Institute and Taos School of Metalsmithing and Lapidary Design, but I am mainly self taught.

Get to Know

After retiring from my job of 22 years as medical secretary for a local hospital/pathology dept, I needed to keep busy. My job consisted of 10 hour days, so I was used to being on the go...
I had previously made wedding gowns with my sister-in-law, decorated cakes and raised tropical angelfish to sell to pet shops, so I thought, another business... I love jewelry, thus was born Trinkets & Treasures, the name signifying the fact that I create trinkets for the younger group with very little spending money and treasures for my customers who wish to purchase my more expensive line. My bigest thrill is to make something that my customer cannot get elsewhere.

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