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Miami, FL, United States


Once you experience a Turkish Bathrobe or Towel, you will never go back. We are a family owned business based in Miami with a focus on delivering the very best of Turkish craftsmanship to our customers, so you can enjoy an authentic, luxury experience.
Founders Barbaros and Oya are a Turkish couple on a mission to bring Turkish bathrobes and towels to the world. It all started when Barbaros visited New Zealand and discovered that his hotel towels were made in Turkey. He was super proud of this, and it was here the idea for Turkishtowels.com and Towels.com was born.
Over the past 20 years, Barbaros and Oya have designed and developed superior quality Turkish bathrobes, towels and accessories and have become renowned for high quality bathroom products at affordable prices.
Join our many happy customers and have fun shopping!

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The story of the robe begins with the Sultans and women of the Ottoman palace, who demanded nothing but design excellence, inspiring their weavers to craft only the most exquisite garments. Not surprisingly they brought style, design and a true flair to textiles a legacy that still persists to this date. Go ahead and step into a realm of comfort, wrapping yourself in luxury with the ultimate bathrobe for an effortless living and style.

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