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Omaha, Nebraska, United States

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Welcome to my shop at TwistedTrinkets

I only make jewelry that I would wear. I am by nature, a perfectionist,


Jewelry design, beading, metal fabrication, wire wrapping, altered art, charm bracelets

Skills and Techniques

Wire wrapping, metal stamping, beading, photo charms

Get to Know

Welcome to my shop at TwistedTrinkets. My Mom was a Home Economics major in college, and taught my sisters and I how to sew when we were young. Consequently, I started dabbling in arts and crafts when I was just a child, and made my first full sized quilt at the age of 16. Over the years my interest in creating has taking many different turns. Shortly after the birth of my son I started a successful handpainted clothing business, and kept my store open until my family moved to Indiana from North Carolina. I guess it is just in my blood since my grandmother painted, and her first cousin was the famous artist, Grant Wood. After our move to Indiana and the birth of my daughter, Molly, most of my creativity was channeled into painting clothing for my children, designing and making the most adorable one of a kind outfits for my kids, quilting, and decorating our new home.

Unfortunately, my marriage didn't last, and soon it became necessary for me to turn my passion into a career that could sustain a living for my children and myself It was at that time that I started my stained glass business. This allowed me to work from home, and still be there for my children. I did my own special orders, and runoff work from a friend of mine in a neighboring town. Another friend suggested that I try and market my stained glass on the internet, but it soon became apparent that too many problems were inherent in shipping such a fragile product. Around 2005, I started dabbling with beading, and jewelry design. Early 2006 I had become proficient enough to open a store on Ebay where I marketed my jewelry designs. It was an immediate success, and I soon became a power seller. There have been a few bumps in the road along the way - a fall resulting in numerous broken ribs, and several hernias nearly took me out of the game for a year, but I have found that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I adjusted by adding new, much less labor intensive items to my store, such as charms, and collage sheets. My daughter was invaluable during this time by handling most of the shipping, and friends helped by answering emails. My final surgery was back in May, and I say with caution that I finally think I am back in the game. I have lots of new jewelry designs, and products, and will be adding tons of things to my store daily. In addition to this store, I also have a store on Etsy by the same name, and my original store on Ebay. Both my Etsy and Ebay stories have feedback scores of 100%, so you can shop with confidence. I only make jewelry that I would wear. I am by nature, a perfectionist, so each piece will be constructed with top quality materials, and to the highest standards possible. I also realize that there are a lot of you out there like me that would rather make it yourself. To make this possible for you, I will also be offering a large range of supplies to enable you to make similar pieces on your own. I try to keep my prices reasonable so as not to strain your billfold in this depressed economy. Thank you for stopping by and happy shopping.