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Dnipro, Dn, Ukraine


I'm interested in history and culture, and also how and why the schemes of Mexico, America, and Ukraine are very similar to each other, although these countries are so far apart.

Skills and Techniques

I was always fascinated that I can take a skein of threads and a handful of beads, and from chaos create a beautiful thing. I use the traditional technique of loom biding. This technique was used in Mexico, America, Ukraine. But I try to use modern interesting and vivid pattern to bring something new to classical things.

Get to Know

Thank you for visiting my store. I am 38 years old, mother of two wonderful children. My daughter helps me as a model for jewelry :). I studied law in college, and for a while I worked as a lawyer, and was engaged in beading as a hobby. But now I made beadwork with my main occupation. Beading is very full time, and painstaking hobby, but I like it. I always try to make the decoration as flawless as possible. Beadwork inspire me and makes me happy. I am very pleased when my customers thank me. This means that I also to make someone else happy.


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