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A little sunshine shop nestled in wonderful Latvia

Vanilla Crunch Design- sunshine shop! ♡

Sunshine, the sand, the ocean, the wind and the flora, just a few of the things that inspire my designs at Vanilla Crunch Design. Nature is such a big part of the jewelry we handcraft, not only the gorgeous natural stones we use but also where the inspiration comes from.

I love photographing my products in natural light, especially when there's sunshine. It pours over everything in a gentle light and accentuates the products that we make.

Many of the designs in the shop were created with the help of a little Indie music ♡

Vanilla Crunch Design came about with a passion for making gorgeous jewelry pieces. I've loved creating jewelry from beads and then fell in love with natural stones and how they can complement any woman. Unique designs, and quality craftsmanship is a goal that I and my team strive for at the heart of Vanilla Crunch Design.

Being a little shop in Latvia we pride ourselves with giving you many pieces made from natural stones and striving to make each piece special and dainty. Inspired by nature, bohemian style and delicate flowers, our pieces are both elegant yet wearable. They are the perfect gift for a loved one, ideal for bridesmaids and the bride herself, a bestfriend or a mother or anyone who loves a dainty little jewelry beauty!

It is so wonderful to see someone wear jewelry that was made by our team and gives us so much joy when they enjoy wearing it. Many jewelry pieces we make are designed so that they can be worn with others. Layering is amazing because you can show off what you love in an effortlessly chic way.

A Vanilla Crunch Design girl is a girl who jumps at the chance of adventure and seeks to explore. Her heart is full of wanderlust and excitement as the sun rises over the horizon. She is the girl who is passionate and is inspired by little things to do her best. She feels a little sparkle within when she sees the ocean and cool clear waves. She is the girl that aspires.

We want our jewelry pieces, made with a tiny part of our beautiful vast planet to make her feel amazing, because she already is.