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Albuquerque, NM, United States

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Whether you're looking for hand-screened cards & shirts, pencil drawings, or sculpture -small or large- Scott & Wenchie's c


metal fabrication, sculpture, drawing, corndogs, Pabst, pbr, steel, day of the dea. dia de los muertos, halloween, sugar skulls, jack o lanter

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Nebraska native Scott Krichau has always been interested in all disciplines of art, but it was realism that pulled him toward sculpture. "I went off to college to become a painter, but I soon realized I couldn't paint," says Scott, now a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sculpture opened Scott's mind to natural forms and what their place is in the manufactured world. During his time as a Masters of Fine Arts student at the University of Kansas, Scott transitioned from experiences and material, too find himself bonding with steel. "With steel, I saw the possibilities of how the material - how the form - could become more natural and organic as opposed to this hard, geometric character that steel so often represents," says Scott. After his graduation in 2000, Scott moved to Kansas City and made his mark on the artistic community with his brand of natural sculpture. During his four years working and creating in Kansas City, he secured several gallery shows in addition to a large outdoor commission sponsored by Kansas City's Municipal Arts Commission. The Avenue of the Arts piece, received much acclaim. "With the arrangement of forms emphasizing the flutter of movement, the mossy patina of the bronze [contributes] an organic sensibility and [connects] the installation to the natural environment," wrote Pitch Weekly magazine. In 2004, Albuquerque became Scott's new launching pad for ideas. His Southwest lifestyle pulled Scott away from his Plains roots and instilled a lighter touch - a new excitement - in his works, if not his statements. The life around him started to make its mark on his sculpture, from shiny paint and more colorful tones to new methods of movement such as wheels and propellers. According to the Albuquerque Journal, "The power of Krichau's imagery causes viewer emotions to run from bemusement to anxiety. His undeniable craftsmanship and attention to detail demands these works be taken seriously no matter how funny, silly or scary they may seem."

Wenchkin (the creator of our awesome logo) is a self trained artist and New Mexico resident whose work has been heavily influenced by Día de los Muertos and underground and pop art. Having won a coloring contest at the age of 6 her mother instantly recognized her talent and supported her creativity as she grew. In her 7th grade art class, she was told 'nothing came with a fat black outline around it' and now, 15 years later, it is a defining element of her style. She clearly has a fixation on skulls, but her artwork is also known for bringing a bit of lightness, humor and color to darker subjects. Wenchkin creates original, one of a kind acrylic paintings, custom muerto illustration portraits (aka "Bone Buddies") and modifies various toys and objects. She is well known for her "My Little Bonies" skeleton ponies as well as other modified toys. Just under two years ago she quit her "day job" and forced herself to create at least 8 hours a day, as she works toward being a successful working artist.

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