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Wake Forest, NC, United States

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Arm Warmers & Fingerless Gloves for every season and Style that can be worn year round in comfort!


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I am a dreamer. Years of my life have been spent exploring books from cover to cover, becoming one with each new world among the fragile pages. At age 7 I was tearing through worn copies of Stephen King and Poe, Mercedes Lackey and Lord Tennyson- as if they would vanish from the minds of men forever if I didn't take it in fast enough. A million and one stories of my own flit about like fireflies at dusk in my head. Some make it to paper, some fly on- turning into vapors when they find the sun. I have walked among inks and pulp, fibers and fairytales, gritty dirt clays and glazes, bitter scented linseed oil, bits of thread and forgotten canvas since an age where I could first appreciate the millions of tiny stars in the black midnight sky and the feeling of dew tipped grass under bare feet. Small fingers working fragments into childlike masterpieces one by one. I devoured all that I could reach. Time moved forward, and I still create every chance I get. Be it one artistic medium or another. Through my work, I hope to bring to you your own handful of stardust- to inspire you to dream, create and to remember the magic of your childhood and tomorrow. ~Wren Zen And Coffee Designs