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Knoxville, Tn, United States


I'm Nick Workman, metallurgist, gem cutter, and jeweler. Having been interested in gems since an early age, gem hunting with my parents, I really found my calling when studying metallurgy, geology, and chemistry in college. Now, I spend my time cutting gems, and setting them in unique settings, many of which I make myself. My father, a US Physician, is a long time gem traders/hunter and provides me with much of the material I cut and/or set. Of course, I also do a lot of gem hunting and trading myself, be he is far more experience than I in that area. He and my mother (a gemologist) buy and sell gems, but I evolved the belief that gems are best worn. Even investment gems, like the gems in my ArtFire Shop, should be worn and not sit around in a box in a safe. Hence the evolution from their shop,, to mine, Adventuregemsjewelry.

My major interest is in natural, earth mined gems, not man made creative fake gems. What you see in my shop is the real deal. Real, natural gems from all over the world that have the qualities, value and metaphysical traits they are supposed to have. Unfortunately, there are fake gem seen all over the internet, in malls, and even in bricks and mortar jewelry stores. It is a travesty, but a reality. Fake gems do not have the durability, beauty, economic value, or metaphysical properties that ream gems have. So be a smart gem/jewelry shopper out there. Read the details in descriptions.

Skills and Techniques

My skills involve procurement and evaluation of rough and cut gemstones. Once obtained, I cut and/or set the material. If the stones are in rough form, I, or my partners, will facet or cabochon the stones making it ready for setting. Setting are all made of silver or gold, and some are made by me in my gem/jewelry workshop. Others are obtained from external sources. I strive to find perfect settings for unique natural gemstones.

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Get to Know

Adventuregemsjewelry provides our clients with one of a kind gorgeous natural gems from around the world, set in simple but elegant settings that show off the beauty of natural gemstones. We have earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets, set with some of the most beautiful gems in the world. We can provide you with Beautiful jewelry set with Precious Gems: Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Tanzanites, Opals, Jade, Spinels, Topaz, Tsavorite and Spessartine Garnets.

Adventuregemsjewelry is an American based gem and jewelry shop focused on the cutting and setting of NATURAL, RARE and UNIQUE GEMS from all over the world. All of our gemstones are natural, and thus, much more valuable than man-made or created stones. Being natural from the earth, they are more rare, unique and desirable than those readily made by man in a 'test tube'. Many jewelry gem items on the internet and mall stores are actually FAKE, man made or so called 'created.' That is not the case with Adventure Gems Jewelry. We sell real gems set in simple settings to show off nature's beauty in the gems themselves.

Natural, beautiful Gems need no elaborate, distracting jewelry settings. The Gems, themselves, reflect nature's stunning and AWESOME beauty. Thus our focus on simple, but elegant, jewelry settings in gold, silver and rose gold.

We perform extensive gemological testing on all our rough and cut stones to insure their naturalness and identify their gem species. This provides our clients and customers with the best possible assurance of quality, naturalness, and validity of gem names.

OUR GEMS are NATURAL and EARTH MADE. The prices are fairly based on the monthly actual average pricing of all major gems, and the London End of Month Gold and Silver Price Fix. GEMVAL is the major and most respected gem price evaluation group in the world. Our prices are NOT based on how beautiful or creative we think our work is, but actual, regularly updated, world average pricing converted to US Dollars. Our customers get actual market prices, not theory based prices. Thus we can guarantee a good deal with every item.

Our Business is Gemology #1, and Jewelry #2. We acquire or cut (from rough) beautiful, unique gems and set them in jewelry. We have multiple lines of jewelry including: Simple Elegance (settings that emphasize the beauty of the natural gem without setting or side stone distractions), Traditional (more ornate settings and/or with smaller gem accents), and Exotic/Mystical (unusual or weird, ultra-unique gems, unusual semi precious gems in unique settings, and gems with specific legendary or mystical qualities). Our gems are set in a variety of settings such as in rings, earrings and pendants/necklaces.

Check out our primary website for more information about us and for some serious gem education: Visit all of our ETSY store items for rare, unique, and elegant gem jewelry at accurate, reasonable market prices for REAL, NATURAL GEMS, set in simple, elegant, and traditional jewelry settings. We offer a variety of gem settings in 14K Gold, 10K Gold, Sterling Silver, Silver Plate, and Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver. Our jewelry ranges in price from high end, super rare gems to less expensive semi-precious but very interesting gems with unique properties or appearance. We have something unique and special for every taste and every price range !!!!

NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: ALL Of OUR GEMs ARE REAL, not 'Created,' not 'Lab Made,' but REAL! Made in and mined from the earth! If you want natural gems from the EARTH, we have what you want. Real, natural gems have actual natural beauty, they have the mystical properties associated with their species, have much greater financial value, and hold that value, and more often than not, show increases in value, over time. These features are NOT the case with fake, man-made, 'created' gems.

BEWARE of FAKE gems in malls, ETSY, Shopify, Amazon, and throughout the INTERNET!!!! Look at the details !!!!! Most sellers won't mention up front that their 'gems' are fake!!! Their fakeness is only reported in fine print or buried in verbiage. WE ONLY SELL REAL NATURAL GEMS!!!! Unfortunately for the customer, many shops sell so-called 'created' or 'man made,' 'gems,' that are mass produced and, thus, near worthless.

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