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sperry, ok, United States

Quick Blurb

I make custom, fully functional bird houses and our own soap and lotion products.


wookworking, soaps, lotions, bird houses, bird feeders, bat houses, butterfly houses, bee houses, lady bug houses.

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Get to Know

Hello, I'm Mark.

I have been building bird houses for many years now. I started building bird houses when, as a docent at the Tulsa Zoo, I noticed how many bird habitats were being destroyed by local construction projects. While I found a lot of bird houses on the marked, most were decorative and not really functional. All of my bird house have ventilation, drainage and clean-outs.

About 3 years ago I retired (?) and now build bird house full time.

About a year ago, my wife tried some home made soap and body lotion. She was so impressed by the product and the fact that it was organic and all natural (she has sensitive skin) that we ended up buying the company, Cheeky Munky and we now manufacture and sell that product as well out of our new retail store and at local farmers markets.