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Istanbul, IS, Turkey


travelling, cultures, design, art, jewelry making, handmade jewelry, earrings, wire wrapped jewelry, wire, crochet, handcraft, knitting, learning language, teaching, reiki, universe,

Skills and Techniques

Most of my jewelry are made with Wire - I work with copper and bronze and than plate or bath them with gold.

Get to Know

My name is Berna and "Blucky" comes from "Be Lucky"

My ultimate purpose is; I want that eveyone who buy my jewelry will get the possitive energy and good luck as I do feel.
People who buy from me say always that my jewelry brings them luck...

Beside I am Reiki Master and when I creat or design I do always with Reiki... This is maybe the key of the energy...

I live in Istanbul which is the motst beautiful City. I like to learn other languages and also cultures and get to know other persons.

Please always feel free to contact me.