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Columbia, SC, United States


I am interested in delving into the human experience and creating works from the inspirations around us.

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Since my earliest memories art has been in my life. Like a best friend, art has always been there for me, bringing out my best, providing comfort, and inspiring me to discover a new adventure. Art was my own personal door to a world beyond where I could create and make whatever I wanted.

I didn’t fully realize how much I depended on art and the creativity that came with it until much later. As a child, I came up with all different kinds of imaginative stories. My favorites that I returned to again and again were “Fairy Kingdom”, “Spy Chase” and “Nature Homes”. No matter what the adventure was, I always created art to help develop the story and immerse myself further into the world I was creating.

My fondest memory of creative story making occurred during one October as Halloween approached. At ten years old I decided I would be a witch. After much time rummaging through my dress up clothes I put together the perfect witch outfit (which of course included a tutu). To make this story come to life I wrote a detailed spell book which set forth spells for anything and everything that any self-respecting witch would require. Each of those spells were accompanied by an illustration that I had drawn depicting what the spell would create. Next, I realized that I was missing a broomstick. To remedy this I gathered twigs, pine needles, a large stick, and a strip of orange construction tape from our backyard. After a few moments I had constructed the perfect flying broom. My new fantasy witch world, however, was still incomplete. I realized I was lacking a witch’s lair! Returning once more to the backyard, I assembled my lair using three trees which were connected by sticks to form a circular shape room. To finish things off I constructed a caldron and a table where I set some old bottles for potions that I had made.

This was the beginning of my passion for creating. The feeling of satisfaction upon completing my intricate witch’s story with the lair is something I will never forget. Looking back I now realize that my favorite part of playing games was making the story come to life through my art. I even knew then that there was something amazing to bringing my thoughts into the world with my own two hands.

During 7th grade I learned of the Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. My teachers at this time, recognizing my creative abilities and academic work ethic, encouraged me to apply. My acceptance to the summer programs and subsequently the residential high school program, where only 1 out of 5 applicants were accepted, was determined by academic standing, timed artistic assessments and interviews.

Governor’s School has been a perfect match for me. My passion for the visual arts has been fueled by the many new artistic areas and concepts that I have been introduced to at the school. Many courses have challenged me and all have contributed to my growth as an artist. While a typical school day of 10 to 12 hours divided between academics and art initially took some adjusting to, I began to find myself so immersed in my studies and art projects that time seemed to fly by.

It is hard for me to contain my excitement as I contemplate my next chapter in life. In pursuing a curriculum of art and business my goal is to touch, reach, and help as many people possible through my work as an artist. My experiences at Governor’s School have given me confidence in my abilities and strengthened my desire for a future in art.

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