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San Diego, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

I love making custom designs as well. Just send me an email with any requests!


metal fabrication, enameling, peyote bead weave, gemstones, precious gemstones, artisan lampwork

Skills and Techniques

silversmithing, metalwork, wirewrap, peyote bead weave, riveting, stone setting, kumihimo weaving, enameling

Get to Know

Hi my name is Susan and I'm the creator of cserpentDesigns! The love of gemstones runs deep in my family. My grandpa would go out in the Mojave desert in search of interesting stones and geodes. He would cut and polish the geodes to make chimes. He would polish up the rocks to make keychains, necklaces and whatever struck his fancy. My Aunt Carmen kept up the family love of gemstones. She would buy gorgeous semi-precious gemstone beads and sterling silver findings and make earrings and necklaces for herself, her family, her sisters, her nieces and whoever else she thought needed some gorgeous stones to display.

I'm continuing the family tradition and extending it. I love gemstones and also metals. I started my designing by taking apart some of the necklaces and earrings my Aunt Carmen made and using the stones to make new and different designs that were my style. My mom gave me her stash of necklaces and earrings from my Aunt and I did the same for her. That was the jumpstart for cserpentDesigns. I've added to my design skills and now create with precious stones, high quality pearls and do my own metalwork and enameling. Mother nature makes gorgeous gems and I try to make designs that enhance their beauty.

As to the origin of the name cserpentDesigns it dates back to my scuba diving days ... My husband nicknamed me Sea Serpent because what he saw coming out of the water when we finished diving was a tall person in a purple and black drysuit with a pink flotation vest and big black fins on her very small feet ...

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