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Gladstone , MO, United States


I have always loved animals, but My inspirations come from my Dog Kayla and Cat Jasper. They are such a big part of my life they are my family. They bring so much laughter and love in this crazy world. I really enjoy creating all my items. It brings me so much joy when my customers are happy and they send photos and tell stories of there furry family members.

Skills and Techniques

I am a self taught artist in all the mediums I work in, Which there are a few such as polymer clay, torn paper art, jewelry, needle felting, sewing and a few others.My work space is mainly my living room and dinning room table. What is funny is that I have set up one of my bedrooms for a studio/craft room but it is so full I just can not work in there.

Get to Know

My name is Sheryl Morrow and I'm the gal behind Dandy Dog Duds. It all started over 5 years ago with a simple request by my neighbor who wanted a T shirt without the sleeves. After I gave back the shirt I thought now what can I do with the sleeves. I hated to just throw them away. I looked at my two dogs and thought Dog Scarf. So I slipped one on and thought it needs something added but what. Well the so called scarf went into the fabric pile and the idea faded away. Around the same time I had been wondering around on the internet and came across "Katwise" a wonderful lady who makes the most amazing recycled Sweater coats. Again I thought I could do that for what else, DOGS. So fast forward to today, I have brought those ideas from over 5 years ago to reality. So now you have Dandy Dog Duds, recycled T shirts, scarves and sweaters. (The sweaters will come this fall).

I have to add that those T shirt sleeves that started the scarf idea over 5 years ago, well I think they walked off waiting for me to finish them. LOL
I still can not find them.