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All the flowers in the store are made to order. We do not use paper cutting machines, each petal being cut and shaped from the beginning to the end with great care and love!

Skills and Techniques

Unique paper flowers can be used for unique wedding decorations, home decorations or any of your special events.
We believe that we provide beautiful flowers for weddings, birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, anniversaries, nurseries and your home. Our Paper flowers Wall decor, Standing Paper flowers are made to order. 100% Bespoke. Carefully Handcrafted. And NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE !

We is not afraid of a challenge, and more than anything, is really happy to create beautiful things that make clients happy.

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Get to Know

### There are certain conditions for customers wishing to purchase more than Three free standing flowers. Please send me a message! ###

ll packages include Online Tracking Number. If the tracking information showing that your item has been delivered and you did not receive your order, please go to your local USPS (Post Office) and take your parcel

We usually send the big flowers in special boxes made for this purpose. We place the flowers separately from each other on cardboard rails. So this way they can't move around. The rails are on different levels,depending on the number of flowers.
I guarantee that this way you will get the flowers as you see them on the pictures.

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