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Gilbert, AZ, United States

Quick Blurb

Love to find blingy, chunky, and unusual beads! And then I love to make them into something that everyone else can share!


Beadwork, Quilting, Sewing, Design, Moda,

Skills and Techniques

Beading, sewing, quilting

Get to Know

I love bling, in case you can't tell. What's the point of wearing jewelry if it doesn't get noticed? So, my Mom and I decided to buy a few beads and make chunky fun watchbands, bracelets, and purse charms. We've had so much fun buying and selecting the beads, creating one-of-a-kind designs, and then watching people 'oow' and 'ahh' over them as they try to just pick out one. They are kind of like patato chips 'You can't stop at just one'. So, it helps that the watches and bands are interchangeable. If you get a neutral watch face, then you can just buy the bands. If you see a watch you like I will sell any of them separately or exchange one watch face for antoher. Just email me and we'll get you what you need.