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Bremerton, WA, United States

Quick Blurb

echo artworks features vintage, recycled and reclaimed beads, findings and components


vintage, green, metal, beads, findings, metalsmithing, wire, fibers, copper, brass, silver

Skills and Techniques

wirework, metalsmithing, lampwork, mixed media

Get to Know

Where things came from, who made them and how things were put together have been the three questions that have propelled me into the world of art, metal and mixed media. I started as a kid, beachcombing (in February, in Maine) with my mom and unearthing backyard treasures with my brother. My father was a hobby woodworker and was the first to put tools in my hands. Being the only granddaughter, my grandfather decided that I would do what the boys did...he gave me my first knife (after I mastered whittling without losing a digit) and my first gun (after I could shoot three cans in a row off the back fence without falling over). As I grew, my grandmother tried to turn me into a real girl (I still wore dresses when I climbed trees) and introduced me to her vast collection of retro 50's costume jewelry. Sure the sparkles were pretty, but I wanted to know how it was put together. After dismantling some of her nice Swarovski crystal and Japanese lampwork, she gave me some beads and it has been a long term love affair ever since."

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