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Brooklyn, NY, United States

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Hi there and thank you for stopping into my bit of bandwidth on ArtFire.


watches, clockwork, mixed media, metals, found objects, fiber arts, illustration, fine art B&W photography, etc.

Skills and Techniques

Jewelry designing, jewelry making, photography, fiber arts, teaching artisan skills, marketing,published writer of fiber art work design, jewelry artisan at professional level, music and nature lover.....

Get to Know

You will find designs and jewelry pieces that touch the spirit of those with an appreciation for the lifestyle and old world adornments of the vintage eras. Influenced by my utmost respect for the brilliant and skilled craftsmanship of vintage watch movements, master artisans of yesteryear hand created these intricate and fascinating little worlds of synchronicity and artistic beauty. To be able to repurpose them and allow these mini landscapes of art find new life in today's times gives me tremendous pleasure. Most of my designs feature the styles and manufacturers of fine watch pieces from the mid to late 1800's and into the early 1940's. I try most often to preserve the integrity of the focal movement and will only utilize pieces that can no longer serve their original purpose.

I work hard to ensure the visual integrity of the vintage pieces being used. All work is TORCH soldered where metals apply for top of the line design construction. Never settle for less for your money - any other bonding will break - so be careful when choosing your purchases and make sure it is soldered using silver solder and not glued. All my work is professionally handmade using USA materials and vintage, authentic components.

My designs have been displayed in many galleries, as well as upscale and trendy-funky boutiques throughout the Sates and abroad. Currently featured in many high profile fashion magazines in their Steampunk and Industrial spread and have made the COVER of Auxilary Magazine with several other pieces. My work will be featured in a few other Fashion and Culture magazines in the next few months all making cover pages and shown within their featured articles on Industrious and Steampunk jewelry designs.

I am really touched by the many requests for new commissions and I remain indebted to a loyal and ever-growing following of private clients both here and abroad. I have been recently blessed to be commissioned for some large new projects that are sure to receive much media attention and I will be devoting more time to these endeavors as they progress. Please don't be shy - feel free to write if there is something on your mind or if you have any questions.

COLLABORATIVE WORK: I am proud of my partnership with fellow artist, Teresa Stanton, of 1/2 Street Studios. We have been long time, tight friends for many years and have always wanted to collaborate on some projects together. We found our niche by combining multiple talents and merging our efforts to bring you the ultimate, newly conceptualized textile art, wearable wrist cuffs with emphasis on focus. We have a unified vision and understand each other well enough to embark and feed off each other in a way that delivers something completely unique and ORIGINAL that will be the talk of much fashion trend watchers. Teresa is a professional, a trained mixed media, textile artist I met years ago while in fiber and textile arts myself and we bonded immediately. She has been a winner in many juried shows and published in all the artsy magazines, including Belle Amoire and many others. I am honored to work with her - she is not only a mentor incredible friend to me, she is a Lady of the highest degree and truly uber talented. We expect this to launch to be the first of many wearables that will have you drooling with the "need to have". Unique concepts that incorporate all the elements of our combined talents. It will be fantastic and blow open the door for those into the Steampunk, Industrial, Gothic and Alternative lifestyles. We welcome Custom Orders and if you see something thats sold out or if you want changes made from a style being offered, please write. Each creation is truly a one of a kind and no two will ever be identical. We'll do our best to make you one happy customer, wearing accessories that have people talking about you. Just drop a line and we will surely be able to accommodate - wholesalers and boutiques, galleries are equally welcomed. I love you Tbird and so happy to call you my "sister, dressed in our biker leathers" and ready to kick ass, leaving dust behind us no matter what.....

Thank you all for your continued trust in my work. - xox


Jewelry Designer/Artisan


my email: kitanah_1@yahoo.com