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San Juan, PR, United States

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Working to build a better World through Art and Philanthropy!

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I have had an interest for painting and all things art since I have recollection. I have a natural disposition for painting which has been, and continues to be developed by my personal studies, continued practice, and interaction with painters whom I consider mentors and masters in their field. My art has also been greatly enhanced by understanding physical and chemical laws and processes. This allows me to express my inner self in more complete manner and provide greater interaction between a painting and the spectator. All this makes my art a conscious effort in expression.

1967- Born in Connecticut; grows up in Puerto Rico; returning to Waterbury at age 15. 1982-1985- Studied under Ms. Mary Considine and Dr. Andrew Sirica. 1985- Entered University of Connecticut to study Biology. 1987- Returned to PR to continue his studies at Universidad Adventista de las Antillas; adds Theology. 1996- Finds a mentor in renowned Puerto Rican painter and family friend Luis G. Cajiga. 2001- Discovered by the late Noi Chudnoff, philanthropist and art enthusiast from Washington, DC. 2002- Becomes a full-time artist and conducts philanthropic work with his art. 2005- Estefan's poem "As Faith May Allow" is published in The Renascent and his art is published in the book "Libro de Arte Contemporaneo Iberoamericano"

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