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Asheville, NC, United States

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silver from the hilltribes of Northern Thailand, Hmong, Karen, & Mien, handcrafted fiber beads, antique beads from Africa and Asia, Laotian silk, Indonesian batik, ikat handweaving from Sumba, Savu and Kalimantan

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Gleanings is operated by Bob and Tina Hvitfeldt from the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. For almost 20 years we lived and worked in Southeast Asia. Whenever we had time off from teaching, we'd journey to remote areas of Thailand, Laos and Indonesia to meet village weavers, silversmiths and other craftspeople, learn about their traditions and techniques, and collect unique items for gleanings. Tina is a jewelry maker with a special love for handcrafted silver, unusual beads and tribal artifacts. She has designed many of the items we offer from components collected over the years. Bob's greatest interest has always been textiles, especially hand-dyed and hand-woven pieces that are made today using the same techniques as were used generations ago. The textiles we offer have been collected from village weavers and dyers throughout Southeast Asia.

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