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I enjoy reading a good book and watching an interesting movie.
Since nature is my inspiration, I enjoy the most being out there, running, swimming, hiking and bicycling!
I make a lot of thing with my hands, apart from jewelry, such as old furniture, paintings and other beautiful stuff!
I love flowers and gardening, so my house is full of them, inside and outside..
Among my most weird hobbies is playing contract bridge...

Get to Know

I have changed many jobs in my life and tried many hobbies, but just early 2016 I started attending a jewelry class and I was thrilled! Since then, I have experimented a lot with techniques and materials and I struggle to materialize all my ideas, since they are so many!!

I am almost obsessed about anything natural, so I rarely use something synthetic. Anything varying from wood to silver or stones may become part of a piece of mine. Nature makes so wonderful things that there is no need for anything unnatural..

I could not live without color and tend to use the most vivid and intensive ones. As a long hair brunette, my favorite pieces are long, impressive earrings, as well as colorful gemstones of all kinds.

Hope my art brings a bit of joy and beauty in your lives :)