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Lillooet, BC, Canada

Quick Blurb

Handmade items for healing of mind, body and soul. Please visit www.helladelicious.com for more information


crocheting, scrap, recycle, natural, soapnuts, lotion, healing, salve, oracle, magic, herbs, wild, forage, yarrow, I Ching, aromatherapy, cherry, flowers, dried, handmade

Skills and Techniques

crocheting, infusing, foraging, harvesting, imagining, combining, sewing

Find me online @:

http://helladelicious.com http://www.facebook.com/helladel… http://twitter.com/helladeliciou… http://www.youtube.com/hdeliciou…

Get to Know

Hella Delicious is a place where you can learn how to care for your own health in a multitude of ways. After finding my own way back to health after a slew of microbial attacks on my digestive system (first my own bad diet, then living in a apartment infested with mold, then getting typhoid and taking insanely powerful antibiotics) I do my best to find ways to help other folks find their own best way back to health via diet, interacting with microbiome, culinary rituals and traditional foodways.

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