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Riverview, FL, United States

Quick Blurb

I love making all kinds of creative crafts, from jewelry to sewing projects. I get ideas from from everything I see.


I have been making jewelry for many many years and absolutely love it, I work full-time and have a family so my time is limited when it comes to making more jewelry to post on Artfire, I do try, but before I even get a chance to take a picture and post, it's been sold. I do make a lot of custom jewelry for my friends, family and especially my co-workers who I'm so grateful. They tell me all the time, I want this color, that shape, this length for this event. If you noticed my necklaces I've been making them extremely long, not your average 18 inches, that's because my clients are like me full figure and some very curvy and just beautiful ladies, they tell me to make my jewelry be the focus and not them, I tell them that all the time, hey you make my jewelry beautiful not the other way around. So with that I'm making my jewelry to be really comfortable and noticeable to larger woman, to make you not only feel confident with yourself but to be unique and powerful.

So please take a look at what I have and stay connected to see what I'll make new.

Get to Know

Hello, My name is Janice Ayala, I see beauty in all shapes and forms. I'm a creative person by nature and love all types of crafts, I love making and learning something new. I currently focus on jewelry designing and making beautiful pieces. Please visit my website at www.trinityjayboutique.com Thank you for visiting my shop, Janice Ayala

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