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"J" - I have loved making different kinds of craft items since I was a child. I appreciate so much fellow makers who have taken the time to give video instructions on how to make so many different items. I have learned so much from them. Of all the the craft items I have made over the years, I have to say basket making is my favorite!

"B" - Some of the items I have made from wood over the years are a twin bed with a shelf headboard and drawers underneath (that was a challenge!), a bookcase, an outside plant box, a bedroom nightstand, shoe shine boxes (yes, there are some of us guys who still shine our dress shoes!), and jewelry boxes. Other items I have made on the lathe are small decorative trinket containers, Christmas ornaments and snowmen. My dream as far as all things wood is to someday make a guitar! I too appreciate those who have published wood working instructional videos and all I have learned from them.

"J" and "B"- As you can see from the photo, we have a wonderful dachshund named Max whom we love greatly and who brings joy and comfort to us daily!

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"J's" story:
My interest in basket making began using paper twist (okay, I'm dating myself here if you are old enough to remember when it was the rage!) which had to be uncurled and then used in a woven pattern over a multi-layered paper bag base. However, in time, the paper faded and the basket lost it's beauty. I decided that fabric would be a better option and came up with a similar idea but with improvements in the design, materials used, size, inside lining, handle and embellishments.
It is always exciting to me to decide which two colors to match up to begin the creation process (So MANY choices!). One fabric is chosen to be the main color which will carry the color theme of the basket. The second fabric supports the main color either by complementing or contrasting. The embellishments are the "icing on the cake" that give each basket that special touch.
I hope these baskets can make a spot in your home or a friend's or family member's home a bright and cheerful one!

"B's" story:
For years I have been interested in making things from wood. My first adventure in turning on a lathe was making pens (wooden & acrylic).. Bowl turning fascinates me. I have tried to learn all I can about this amazing art. A piece of wood is fastened onto the lathe and the process begins. The size of the wood determines the size range of the bowl, the shape is something that comes as I work with the tools that form it. Each bowl truly is unique, as no two will ever turn out exactly the same! I hope something I have created can find a place in your home or as a gift to someone you care about.