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Essexville, MI, United States

Quick Blurb

Sitting under pine trees making fairy clothes- my first memory creating something. I was 7 years old.


Learning, Reading, Rocks, semi-precious stones, Glass of all kinds. Wire and Metal. Beading. Collecting. Growing roses. Science fiction. Sewing. Cats. Siamese Cats. Was a CFA Siamese breeder. Estate Sales

Skills and Techniques

Wire: Wrapping, Sculpting, Forging, Crocheting Beading of all kinds, especially jewelry. Collecting: Antiques, Jewelry, Glass, Retro, Fabric, Rocks, Beads

Get to Know

Grew up in Northern Minnnesota. I'm in a better mood if you just point me North. Still live north--in Michigan. I've taken classes all my life. (so much to learn!) Most recently William Holland School in northern Georgia

Began making jewelry when I was twelve, just for me to wear. Family convinced me to begin to sell at craft shows and now open a studio on ArtFire

My work reflects the North even when I am not always aware of that while I work.
Now beginning to incorporate found pieces in my jewelry. Since I've always collected, I can share some of those pieces in my work and on my site.

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