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Grover Beach, CA, United States

Skills and Techniques

I design and create unique jewelry items that reflect Natures beauty

Get to Know

I live on the beautiful Central Coast of California. I was around & remember well when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan!!! (to give you an idea of my age)

I lived in Hawaii for several years & picked up on sewing. Making shorts, dresses, shirts, trunks & bathing suits as it was the most practical means of attire. I found myself making almost everything that we wore!

When I moved back to the Mainland, I took classes in Decorative Tole Painting & that occupied my spare time for a spell.

Having been in the Landscape & gardening business for several years, I became so familiar with flowers that I began to make them as wearable art.

I appreciate your visit & I hope that for all intents & purposes, it has been a good one. Also even better, if you happen to find something here, I have made, that will add a little bit of pleasure to your life!