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Ahmedabad, Gj, India

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Hiii...Everyone I am Supplier and Custom order Distributor of all type of Crystals.


Amethyst,Crystal,Rose Quartz,Obsidian,Green Aventurine,Yellow Aventurine,Red Jasper,Orange Jasper,Yellow Jasper,Tiger Eye,Banded Agate,Arrow heads,Calcite,Lapis Lazuli,Rainbow Aura,Carnelian,Ruby Zoisite,Seven Chakra,Sodalite,Tree Agate,White Scolecite,Wa

Skills and Techniques

Hiii Everyone, In my Past my job was on import-export firm so i can manage any controversy in sell and purchase of Outside of Country.i have to do my business in sells of Crystal in whole world.i have to do my best in minor to large sell for making success in my present and i m always believe in present not leave in past.i like Crystal so i have to do business of crystals. Thank you very much all for read my Skills

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Get to Know

Magic Crystal Cart ~ A Place of Crystals I started my shop since five years ago.We both love Crystals,Arrowheads And Stone Items.We are always out hunting that perfect crystal and getting it carved and polished just right! As shop owner,I am the one who keeps it all together and also have to do the less fun stuff such as shipping, accounts,etc. LOL.But I don't mind. We love seeing our crystals go to other crystals And Stone lovers.The other thing you need to know about me is that I am highly intuitive.As such,I am picky about the stones that we will be selling.All stones/crystals have to go through me before we put them up for sale.Even if a stone is mined,it doesn't mean I'll use it!Now,on the other hand,if a crystal isn't exactly 'pretty' looking, but has huge energies,I will sell it! It is important to honor these energies!The other thing you should know is that many of our crystals and stones are exposed to some very high Energies through various ceremonies that we do.I like to activate my crystals before sending them off to their new home.I have to belong cities of Khambhat (Gujarat)-India which are called birth place of agate and healing stones and minerals.I have to start this business last 5-7 years though online sell at Ebay,Amazon,Etsy,Shopcluse Etc.and I have more energy for business with whole world to make me success.If ever there is a type of crystal you are looking for,and can't find here, do let me know.We may have it on hand.If not,we could hunt for it.Bright Blessings! Magic Crystal cart Team

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