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Newark, ca, United States

Quick Blurb

Tribal, Nomadic, Traditional & FolkArt, Jewelry, Handicrafts & Collectibles of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bordering Areas


Kuchi, Kochi, Ren Faire, SCA, Rabari, Kutch, Banjara, Kalbelia, Bhils, Gypsy, Baluchi, Sindhi, Embroidery, Fabrics, Textiles, Clothing, Jewelry, Coachella, Burning Man, Painting, Beadwork, Costuming, Silkscreen, Print Making, Scuplture, Dance, Ethnic

Skills and Techniques

Printmaking, Sculpture, Painting, Beading, Metalsmith, Embroidery, Photography, Card Making, Collage Making, Block Printing, Etching, Assemblage

Get to Know

I grew up in a home belonging to the cultural arts and would love to share with the world what is beauty to me. I've traveled a bit and have been around art and dance schools since I was very young. Being brought up almost nomadic myself, I have an immense connection to the desert peoples and their normal way of life that might seem disruptive to more sedentary residents. Vibrant colors, tinkling bells, layered embellished clothing and the sparking of body adornment inspires what catches my eye. Artwork is a language that finds its way to be able to express itself far more than words every could and is a universal tongue that I love to speak!

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