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pleasanton, cA, United States

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I specialize in creating handcrafted sea glass jewelry, displayed in sterling silver, from seaglass I collect in Monterey Bay


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Skills and Techniques

All of my seaglass is unique and 100% authentic from seaglass that I personally collect. I donate one third of my profits to local animal rescue and marine conservation non-profit groups

Get to Know

Growing up in Santa Cruz, I always loved surfing and exploring the beaches of Northern California. This led to a lifetime hobby of collecting sea glass. After retiring from the corporate world, I turned my passion for collecting these treasures into making unique and handcrafted jewelry, displayed primarily with sterling silver. I hand collect all of my seaglass, primarily from the Monterey Bay sanctuary.

My goal is to blend the best of nature, art, and creativity into something special to share with others. I donate one-third of my profits to local organizations focused on animal rescue and marine conservation: - Animal Rescue: The Tri Valley Animal Rescue and Lucky Dog Rescue organizations, two animal rescue groups in the San Francisco Bay Area that find homes for over 1,000 animals each year. - Marine Conservation: Santa Cruz County Conservation District, the Surfrider Association, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. I was recently recognized as a major business sponsor of the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, a local non-profit supporting marine research and education. I am the only sea glass artist who is a major sponsor of this fine organization.

You can find my jewelry in top galleries in Santa Cruz including the Many Hands Gallery in Capitola and the Artisan's Gallery in Santa Cruz. You can also find me at key art festivals each year.

Seaglass is naturally tumbled by the waves over many decades. Some of these jewels magically appear as shimmers on the sand at very low tide on a sunny day. However, the most elusive jewels often required battling undertows to find the most elusive gems and wetsuits are definitely required. There are several remote beaches in Monterey Bay where I find some of my most unusual pieces. For every 100 pieces I collect, only one to two pieces make it into a piece of jewelry. I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoy finding these little jewels and creating this jewelry for you.

Protecting our environment is important to me. My primary product, sea glass, is recycled trash turned into gems. I use green practices in my business including: Using recycled packaging materials, recycling my used silver and gold scrap metals, participating in beach clean-up days, and being the business sponsor for the Symour Marine Center. This educational arm of the University of California, Santa Cruz, promotes marine conservation.

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