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Trust us, after years of extensive research to prove otherwise, we’re here to break it to you: Self-care is not about a mani-pedi shopping spree, eating and drinking naughty things, zoning out and avoiding responsibilities, all in the name of "treating" ourselves.

The crux of self-care is about an accountability and commitment to OURSELVES, and keeping ourselves at the top of our to-do lists. Sleeping, not scrolling. Connecting with those who lift us up, prioritizing time for fresh air, nature, and daylight.

We all know how important it is to wash our faces at night- it’s a matter of doing it! After the end of a long, eventful day, we personally know from experience that the pillow on our bed is waaaaay more inviting than wrestling with wet sinks and sleeves.

Skills and Techniques

If you're interested in a custom purchase, you can contact us via the comments box,, or text either of us if you have our numbers. We've developed custom items for independently owned stores, larger organizations as a giveaway prize, we've made dozens of custom skin care sets as gifts for a client's book club comrades, bridal showers, thank you gifts, Airbnb guests, Grandma's gift, a New Mama Box, and personal healing needs and indulgences. We can make it happen! We're magical like that!

Get to Know

We are a sister-owned and operated natural beauty and self care line based in Wisconsin and Washington. We specializing in alchemizing the magical wonders Mother Nature provides into skin care, self care, aromatherapy mists, spudging sprays, body, hair, and room aromas, plant based oil elixirs, balms, cleansers, as well as custom orders.

We delight in hearing someone moan in blissful heaven over the aroma we just created for them, and nothing brings warmth to our hearts more than knowing a formula we've been developing for months was effective and brought relief and healing to a friends chronic cystic acne, insomnia, hair loss after pregnancy, or anxiety. We love being able to provide you with potions and remedies that WORK and developing long-term relationships with our clients.

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