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All my work you can use as an idea for an original gift - for you, your friends or anyone else. Such a gift makes a fantastic addition to any home and will attract the attention of your guests and please its owner.
Make this purchase, knowing that all the items in my store were created with great care and love, and will bring joy to you and your loved ones, for many years.

Skills and Techniques

In my works I use only rare wood, which is more than 150 years old, unique archaeological finds, such as mammoth tusks and teeth, and I try to give them a new interesting life in decorations, furniture and home accessories.

Get to Know

Dear guests of my store, all the goods that are presented in the store, this is exactly what you will be able to buy and get. I sell a specific item, if you see it, it means it is available for purchase. If you want to order something defined and for your size, write to me and I will try to offer you this. Thank you.
I do not use MDF or plastic panels in my work, as I believe that such items should contain only natural and ecological materials. In my projects, completely handcrafted, I use different precious woods, burls of different trees and especially the living edge of the tree to convey the beauty and naturalness of the material. Recently, I have been making various items from woolly mammoth ivory very often, and I also use a stabilized mammoth tooth.

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