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SHANURAMGEMS the name itself contain the guardian name "SHANURAM" before the separation of India and Pakistan used to come in India to purchase stones and return back to pakistan to sell the stones this firm is dealing in stones 45 years ago.after the separation of India and Pakistan.They shifted to India from there they had nothing not even a single penny. Started again from the beginning they confront lots of problems ,difficulties and hurdles.Still They didn't loose there hope and make a aim to make this firm top Trusted firm in India.
Now SHANURAMGEMS based in Jaipur also known as the Pink city the most famous destination for Gemstones and Jewelry in the world.For quality, creativity and craftsmanship, SHANURAMGEMS is a known name in the gemstone and jewelry industry. With an experience of over four decades our vision is to be globally competitive and with a base of over 100 skilled workers in Jaipur, India we can provide our customers with best selection of gemstone beads and briolette.