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Inspired by Minimal style, Simple Fraction is adhere to the art of Simplicity yet Functionality.



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Our Simple Fraction Journey began when we, Beau and Goy, first met each other at the workplace. Though we worked in different departments, we closely collaborated to deliver the projects on time. Goy is specialized in Graphic design and Animation while I am good at Managing and Researching. Even with different expertise, we have many things in common including the love on handmade items and beliefs. We have felt that our lives are so complicated and changes happen everyday. There is nothing last forever. Therefore we came up with the idea of Leathercraft as leather refers to long lastingness and become better with age. It also shares memorable experience with users. We deliberately use the concept of Minimalist yet Functionality reinforcing what we adhere to. Simple Fraction is then used as our shop name to reflect Perfect Simplicity and eliminating all non-essential features. We started researching on the leather type, sewing process until the finished products are completed. All our products are handmade emphasizing on the determination and hard work we have put on this. We hope you enjoy our products and support us to continue our venture.