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More than one hundred years before, Nikola Tesla was discovered and was utilizing new type of electric (so called Non-Hertzian) waves.Nikola Tesla advanced the electromagnetism theory into new dimensions, further than Hertz and other scientists of his time could conceive. He described his "wireless" waves being far superior to Hertzian waves, which diminish with distance. Tesla foretold of a brilliant new future for humankind, using his non-Hertian "wireless system," including the ability to generate power and transmit it to various parts of the globe.

Tesla wanted to harness the ground to utilize his technology; however, with the Hertzian system the atmosphere is used as the medium and ground is not a major part of the design. Tesla considered the entire globe to be an electrical conductor that could be made to resonate at different frequencies. Moreover, the earth had various terrestrial resonances, which could be "tuned" or tapped into, providing planet Earth's citizens with a clean and inexhaustible source of energy.

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* Living and working space ambient purification and considerable reduction of harmful electromagnetic radiation level, i.e. EM smog influence lowering as well as decreasing of geopathogenic radiation effects;
* Living beings multilayered energy structure harmonization with the makro and micro cosmic oscillations and balancing of physical-energy-informational entirety of bio-organisms;
* Revitalization of the tissue on the cellular level via subtle-energy flows regulation that triggering a self-healing natural mechanisms;
* Help in a healthy biosphere preserving through a beneficial influence on the water, flora and fauna, and ecosystems in general.

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