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Phoenix, AZ, United States

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Crafting has been a part of my life since I was a child. Now my family might just call it an obsession :-) SupplyCloset is


beads, semi precious, czech glass

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I've been crafting since I was a child... both sides of grandparents and parents were crafters... over the years I've tried many things, most recently have been drawn to jewelry and glasswork. This shop is an outgrowth of my crafting passion... an opportunity to share uniqe finds to fuel the passion in others. My significant other and his daughter would see my crafting as an obsession as it continues to take over more and more of my life (and the house :-)). In my choices of items, you will see my love for animals and the holidays. I've loved animals all of my life... we share our home with 5 dogs. Holidays were always a time to enjoy sharing and giving to one another in my home growing up... and they continue to be... so I love things that allow the celebration of any holiday. I am also influenced by the different places I have lived. I grew up in Pennsylvania, did my graduate school work in Hawaii and now reside in Arizona. I've enjoyed absorbing the culture, crafts and arts in all of these locations... and they have most definitely influenced me in my crafting and in my choice of materials.