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Dover, DE, United States

Quick Blurb

~ ~ ~ Welcome to My Studio ~ ~ ~ I specialize in custom drawings. If you're looking for a drawing not listed here - or if yo


drawing, pencil drawing, graphite, custom art, portrait drawing, pet portraits

Skills and Techniques

I am a self-taught pencil artist. I can pretty much draw anything - if I can see it I can draw it.

Get to Know

Welcome to My Studio

I work out of the spare bedroom in my small home in Dover, Delaware. My drafting table fits snugly in the window alcove where I can watch the squirrels romp in the pear trees. My creative space is small - with everything within reach - and filled with natural sunlight.

After teaching myself to draw I wondered if my work was any good. My husband suggested the best way to find out was to try to sell my drawings. That day was the beginning of the best adventure of my life.

This adventure has had many unexpected joys. Since my drawings are mostly custom works, I have had the rare opportunity to really connect with my customers. Even after selling my art for nearly 10 years, I learn and grow in my craft with each new drawing. I can not wait to see what my next custom order will be!

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