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Generation X and Y, between the age of late 20 to above 45. The Dark targets a chick clientele that belongs to the new generation of international trend setters.
Middle and high class
Middle to high income
Professionals with solid careers, socialites
Senior professionals
Attracted by emotional attributes
Perceives luxury goods as status
Well educated
Very modern with appreciation towards art, fashion, aesthetics
Purchase product for pleasure and happiness
Purchase for fashion, practicality and as reward for their work or achievements
Buy statement pieces to mix with lower market level fashion
Desires to be distinctly fashionable
Spending reflects cosmopolitan lifestyle
Urban cities
Fashion capitals

Skills and Techniques

The Dark mission is to be protagonist in the fashion world in the sectors of accessories and luxury, delivering maximum quality in every market segment served.
We focus on the needs of continually evolving cosmopolitan customer, seeking excellence, with a continuous dialogue between passion and experience. By fully respecting the ethical principles of correctness, loyalty and transparency
The Dark should always have the best customer offering in every market. The brand offers accessories that are of extensive selection and made for both men and women.
Quality, as well as design and longevity, are a core strengths, starting with the idea to final product. It is brands aim to always exceed customers’ expectations on these qualities.
The Dark does not use factory facilities and works to bring lasting improvement and reach out for loyal employees and partners in the communities and markets in which the brand is proactive.
The Dark is growing with quality, design and high aims. The brand offers a wide range of handmade accessories and is growing with new stores worldwide. There is still room for further expansion for the brand in existing markets as well as in new waters.

Get to Know

The Dark accessories is an ode to dark-worship and luxury, freedom for desires and self-expression with a role of androgynous edge. The collection expands upon the innovative use of various leathers in detailed layers and new ways of bonding material to form rich appliqued and metal combined surfaces.
The main material for creation is natural leather, also a lot of designs are produced from python. Sharp and soft lines of accessories are designed for men and women with strong character and unconventional style.

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