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Bedford, In, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to Three Sisters Soap! Sit down and relax as you look through our products. We apprecaite having you here.


Handmade soap, cold process, hot process, superb quality, soap, bath bombs, bath truffles, cupcake soap, soap cake slice, small mini soaps, bath cupcakes, bath salts, body butters, roll on perfume, solid perfume, wax tarts/Wax Melts.

Skills and Techniques

We pride ourselves in our creative efforts. We love making things that others enjoy. We are skilled in our soap making craft as well as other crafts we will offer.
I think you will see this too, as you take a look at what we have to offer.

Get to Know

Hello folks and thanks for stopping by to see what we have. Three Sisters Soap is a small company

Making soap for our families lead us to what we have a passion for. Not being limited to what our stores here locally offer for sale. I personally don't feel anyone should be limited. With handmade soap you have a choice of any scent you like. You can match a favorite perfume to a scented soap. The sky is the limit, well the only limit we believe in. Any soap maker will tell you using a great quality product will improve your skin.

I hope you understand what a store brand soap is. A beauty bar, a deodorant bar, a cleansing bar, antibacterial bar, a moisturizing bar etc...You will NEVER see on any label that this is a soap bar. Frankly it isn't soap. I have made it my mission to educate people on their skin. And people have been conditioned to believe what they sell at the store is soap. We as soap makers appreciate those who understand and find that handmade soap is a great product. People who buy our products and benefit from it. A blessed Thank You!!

We at Three Sisters Soap make small batches one at a time ensuring we are producing the highest quality soap. Attention to detail is a must for our soaps. We use quality ingredients and never skimp on quality ever!

If you ever had a question we are just an email away and will be happy to answer any questions you have. We all look forward to meeting and serving your needs.

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