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Sanbornville, NH, United States

Quick Blurb

Bringing you a huge selection of jewelry making supplies to choose from. More than 1400 items, and great shipping rates!


beading and crafting of any type

Skills and Techniques

Jewelry design and sourcing a great selection of essential jewelry supplies to offer to my fellow jewelry artisans at affordable prices and low shipping rates on both domestic and international orders.

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Get to Know

I am the sole owner of Totes and Attire, at 2535 Lovell Lake Rd, Sanbornville, NH near the Maine border as well as Bella's Country Gifts.

I also have a bead shop at the same location and have been on Etsy for 10 years selling beading supplies.

I ventured into Tshirt, sweatshirts, etc., as a mean to attract a different clientele of customers to my gift shop. I do shirts in my gift shop as I have a summer tourist clientele because of being in the heart of the lakes region here in New Hampshire and Maine. Winter also brings clientele with the skiers as I am in and around the mountains of New Hampshire and Maine as well.

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