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Tucson, AZ, United States

Quick Blurb

Hello and Welcome! What's Left Over is all the craft supplies I had left over or couldn't use for my own crafting adventure

Skills and Techniques

Bead stringing. Metal stamping. Wire-wrapping.

Get to Know

Thank you for visiting my shop!

I create handmade items in my Tucson studio. Right now, small businesses and artists are particularly struggling as the world goes through some tremendous shifts. If you are reading this bio, I appreciate you, and your wanting to know more about my shop. At this point in time (during the Covid-19 pandemic), I do not currently need the sales from this shop as an income. I have several online shops on various platforms, and they have always given me a small amount of money to help charity and extended family. I will continue to use any profits from this shop to fund charities - in particular, food banks, both national and local - as well as continuing to help my extended family (who live in a different state) during this crisis.

My heart goes out to you all and I am extending - safe, virtual - hugs.