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Inexpensive Piano Photo Holder

My plan, originally, was to write a blog posting every month ~ as you can see, that goal is far from being attained!  I have the ideas, the photos, the plan - I just need more time.  Don't we all?I am going to try to use 10 minutes here and there and get another posting done, so I thought I would share a bit about the quilling adventures I have been up to.My oldest daughter is graduating from our Homeschool Highschool.  Yikes.  She will be putting on a piano recital (she is going into piano performance at University, having attained both academic and music scholarships) in the auditorium at the retirement home where she has volunteered... » Read More

Girl Scout Cookies Saved The Day!

So what did we do Feb. 14th, 2013?  It has only taken me approximately one year to write this posting!  Last year at this time I was trying to come up with something special to make for my family to show my love to them on Valentine's Day.  As you see from the photo, I tried using a heart mold passed down to me from my sister, and attempted chocolate hearts.Chocolate hearts with pretty candy flowers imbedded into them.  Something I have never done before.  But as an added treat, I also made cheesecake.  The hearts were actually made to decorate each cheesecake slice :)  And I wanted the cheesecake in order to have something to... » Read More

New Year and Valentines Day Sugar Cookies

Ok, so I thought I would share a little bit of what I have been up to lately.  It seems the fact that I like to decorate cakes and cookies has gotten around, and this past year I have been kept busy doing just that.  I have usually been the one to do the birthday cake for family get-togethers and for Christmas (in our home we always have had a birthday cake for baby Jesus as one of the desserts).  Cookies are a more recent thing, but I love the artistic, painting, coloring aspect of these little tasty treats.  I have read just about everyone's blog that has anything remotely to do with sugar cookies, cookie decorating, and all their ba... » Read More

How to Make Yogurt, The Wright Way, Part 2

No, Kitty and Angus don't help make my yogurt, nor do they eat it, although they sure would like to!  I have a tale to tell, or at least complete, and that is what they are showing off - their tail :)  (Also, I love that photo and like to use it!)Ok, so this Part 2 of how I make yogurt has been a long time coming.  I could tell you all the things I've been up to in between posts, but I'm saving some of them for more postings :) and when I have more time!One thing I will say is that I am going to have to change the milk I use in my recipe for yogurt so that it is non-fat.  It won't change the recipe at all, just the fat content. The rea... » Read More

How to Make Yogurt, the Wright Way, Part 1

The goodness of yogurt is something our family has grown up on.  My mother always had it in the fridge as I was growing up, and she usually made it herself.  I didn't appreciate it then, although I did love the orange juice concentrate popsicles on a hot day and what we called "Jogurt", which was a combination of yogurt and Jello and was light, fluffy and a filling snack or dessert as well as tangy and sweet all at the same time.  Now I, too, make my own yogurt, and have been for years, ever since my kids were little and I was concerned about their health and diet.  For me it is a must at breakfast (diabetes runs in the family and alth... » Read More

Bounty of Lemons and Their Uses

So, in the last number of weeks we have been up to our eyeballs in lemons.  Lemons on our tree, lemons on the ground, lemons in bags gathered before we get irrigation, lemons on my counters, lemons in the sink, lemons multitasking  in baskets all around the house by decorating, in addition to waiting for their turn at being processed.  Now, I am definitely NOT complaining - we use them all year, putting them in such yummy things as lemon squares, which recipe, by the way, won first place years ago at the Prescott Fair.  The granddaughter of some friends from church liked them so much when I brought them to pot lucks that she asked if s... » Read More

Bible Camp Memories and Choice Gleanings

So a new year usually brings New Year Resolutions.  Mine is not really a resolution, but maybe more of a re-commitment.  A re-commitment to keep up with my daily Bible reading.  We pretty much do our family devotions every day in the mornings before we start school, with daughter #1 playing a hymn on the piano for us to sing together, going over our memory verses for the week, reading a small portion and the comments on it, and then a time of prayer.   But that is our family time, and I am talking about my own personal time alone in His Word.  Choice Gleanings is the calendar that I like to use, with short pithy portions to read ... » Read More

And It's Back to School We Go

The Soul of a ChildThe soul of a child is the loveliest flowerThat grows in the garden of God.Its climb is from weakness to knowledge and powerTo the sky from the clay to the cloud.To beauty and sweetness it grows under care.Neglected, 'tis ragged and wild.'Tis a plant that is tender, but wondrously rare,The sweet wistful soul of a child.Be tender, O gardener, and give it its shareOf moisture, of warmth and of light,And let it not lack from the painstaking careTo protect it from frost and from blight.A glad day will come when its bloom shall unfold,It will seem that an Angel has smiledReflecting a beauty and sweetness untoldIn the sensitive soul o... » Read More

Organic Raw Milk and Honey

So this afternoon I was having a glass of milk with my freshly made chocolate chip cookies, and my son and I decided I should blog about it.  This is all new to me, this "blogging", but I do like to blab, and I do like to write very newsy and long-winded Christmas letters, so I guess this is right up my alley.Why is this posting under Health?  The cookies ARE made of freshly ground whole wheat, I always add ground oats to help the cookies retain moisture and raw honey replaces most of the sugar (a recipe that everyone seems to rave about but they always seem to say "what is that taste - it's so good, but different").But the healthiest thing ... » Read More

New Year, New Job, New Earring Pattern!

So yesterday I took my eldest daughter all over the place.  First, to her two hour piano lesson which is half an hour away.  We then were blessed with having front row seats to her teacher's practice for an upcoming concert and enjoyed that for over an hour.  Rushed home for a bit of lunch, drove her to a retirement home where she volunteers playing the piano - for another hour.  Finally I drove her to work as it was her first day at her part-time job at Chick-fil-a.  Is this crazy?  I cried!  My little baby growing up.  Maybe the first job for a homeschooling Mom is kind of like the first time a child is sent to school - ... » Read More

How to Stiffen Tatting

Heart Ornament with Central Glass Crystal Beads I finally finished the newest of my tatting patterns.  I began the heart ornament at my #1 daughter's piano lesson last week, but ran into some challenges when I decided to add the center beads before ever having tried the pattern out.  After letting it sit untouched for a while, I decided to continue, and it actually turned out fine!  With one under my belt I then tackled reducing the size so I could make a pair of earrings in the same style.  Here is one of them:  Heart Earring with Dangling Glass Crystal Teardrop Bead With all my tatting I like to stiffen the cotton a little so it... » Read More

New Years Eve Treats

Happy 2013!To celebrate the new year our family joined numerous other families from the Chapel where we go, for a nice evening of food, fellowship, music and games.  This year we decided to do some baking and brought sugar cookies & mini-cupcakes.  My kids have always loved those store-bought sugar cookies that are soft and frosting-coated right to the edge and come from the bakery section.  I tried my hand at making a homemade version with a New Years theme - and I have to say they turned out pretty yummy tasting.  I even went so far as to pipe out melted white chocolate in the shape of "fireworks" with the aim of setting them upright... » Read More

Family Fun

Well, it is about ten days that I have been set up on Artfire, and it really can be quite consuming!My DH and I decided to take some time off, him from work and me from all the other things I do, and whisk ourselves and our three blessings up north past Flagstaff and enjoy a little bit of the winter wonderland.  Tobogganing was always the one redeeming thing about winter growing up in Canada, and now at least for one day a year we have to go and get our fill of the cold white stuff.Everyone was thankful that I included in our packed items hot chocolate and hot ginger-honey-lemon tea in thermoses since we went from clear blue skies to blizzard c... » Read More