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The Beauty of Creating

Over the past years I've been contemplating what creating meant to me.  I've tried to analyze what my process really was.  It seems that when I grasp onto a thought there are wheels that start the machine in motion.  For minutes, hours, or days these thoughts are churning within my brain developing how to start then to continue construction of my thoughts.  I'll get to a point where I must stop and let these juices flow freely again until the final processing is possible.  Because, of this delay the beginning project idea may change dramatically.  My question to you is...what does creavitive mean to you?... » Read More

Mother Natures' Gift Wrapping

"Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?Silver bells, cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row."  Hearing this little snippet of a nursery rhyme always made me imagine walking over a lush green carpet of grass surrounded by lavish blooms of roses, daisies, hydrangeas, babies breath, geraniums, pansies and on and on.... I believe there was at least one of all flowers known to man within my little garden.  Flowers always hold such fascination for me and consistently influences my creative spirit. Mother Nature's artistic talent in creating so many unique handmade blossoms is phenomenal.  No matter how many similar blooms peak ... » Read More

Birth of the Paper Doodles

As a habitual doodler, I sometimes get into trouble by being totally engrossed in my doodle rather than what is happening around me.  I have been known to doodle and loose all train of thought and unable to hear what is being said.  This was particularly worrisome while in class where the brain had to be engaged with the material being spewed from the instructor.  Oh, well, the little squiggle of a drawing was much more interesting than memorizing the dates and events of the ancient whatever I was supposed to be learning.  As each line was drawn it suggested another then another, etc.  The shapes that were formed were coming alive and g... » Read More

My Studio (Home at Home)

I love the ads when the college student leaves home and mom and dad convert the room into a better living space.  I can't say that it is a better living space, but it is definitely a much more creative thinking space.  Thanks to our son, my husband I share the space for my jewelry/craft business and his coin collecting.  Now to organize the creative clutter and chaos. By sitting in my chair I can reach anything I may need with out reaching very far.  Currently my main obsession is jewelry.  I do enjoy dabbling with glass painting, watercolor, floral design, and miscellaneous paper crafts.  On the left of the desk is a wall of shelves and ... » Read More