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A Rare Mega Coupon Sale!

Due to a nasty fall a week ago, I am looking at some nasty medical bills now.... (radiologist bill was really frightful with no insurance)...  I gratefully didn't break anything even thought it still feels like everything from ribs to hips has been broken.... really aggravated the fibro, etc.  The silver lining is that I may have found a pain doctor locally who might be able to help me to control pain levels that have been steadily increasing before the fall...   I guess I shouldn't have been hurrying to get some more gardening done before a rain storm.... I tried too get  my "little red wagon" out of a little ditch so... » Read More

Cover Your Books in Style

Journaling, sketching or writing down ideas are ways to help get your thoughts together, increase creativity, or improve time management skills. Some artists never leave home without their sketchbooks, and others carry their journal to record inspirations during the day. I haven't always used a special book of my own to keep my ideas in (I have used everything from Happy Meal boxes, napkins and whatever random paper I ran across). Now I have some of the prettiest places to keep my ramblings, design sketches, lists and more. The biggest uninterrupted stretches of time that I had were while sitting in fast food restaurants actually sitting to eat... » Read More