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Summer Coupon Sale and More Contemplations

Thanks to my ungraceful fall and resulting ER visit early May, I am still dealing with new back pain and even worse, am having to deal with the resulting bills from that hospital visit, tests and an additional Dr visit that were not in the budget. With no insurance, the cost of that stupid fall keep haunting me, so I am attempting another sale to try to  bring in some $ to help with things.  Use Coupon Code- "25OFF" at checkout  to receive 25% off any purchase in either my Andrus Gardens Quilts Art Quilt shop that this blog is a part of, or my Andrus Gardens Gift Items shop here on ArtFire now through July 15th. See below for information ... » Read More

Contemplating Cropping Art

There was just a discussion in an online art quilt group I am a member of, about cutting up pieces of art that we are not completely happy with, to turn them into smaller pieces.  That got me thinking of a piece I have listed in my Andrus Gardens Quilts shop here on ArtFire.     Mountain Laurel and Ferns- 12.5"x16.5" Mountain Laurel and Ferns is a piece I made a few years ago using photos of the Mountain Laurel that grow along the road I live on, and photos of Trillium flowers that grow in the woods where I grew up, printed onto fabric. The design was inspired by a photo that I took where the Mountain Laurels ... » Read More

Art Makes a Great Gift!

My ArtFire Art Quilt Shop is where I have many of my Art Quilts for sale. Art makes great gifts for the coming gift giving season. My art quilts all celebrate gardens, flowers, and other things that fascinate me in the world around us. "Mountain Laurel and Ferns"- 12.5"x16.5"Many people are not familiar with the concept of an art quilt, thinking that quilts are only to warm you on a bed. My quilts are made to be displayed on the wall like any other fine art, I just use a different medium. I use fabrics and stitching along with paints and other media to create my art. Any of my quilts would be a great gift for any gardener, flow... » Read More