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It's Been a Busy Spring

Spring is over and summer is coming along fast and furious, although you wouldn't know it from the weather we are having. I have been working hard to expand my skills with metal, from stamping and fabricating to soldering. It's coming along and I've found it very satisfying to expand my creative skills.That being said, my first love is still bead stringing and weaving, and I've been working on a complex right angle weave piece that I'm eager to finish up and showcase here.I'm very happy to have my work showcased in two recent collections curated on Artfire. May Handmade Jewelry and Summer GiftThe two pieces featured in these collections are bel... » Read More

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love the holidays. I find everything inspiring during the holidays, and just the feel in the air and the family traditions we have created makes this a very special time of year.I look forward to seeing the new charms, glass beads and designs in holiday and winter themes. I often create a boxful of holiday themed earrings, and allow my family and friends to pick out the pieces they want.I'm currently in the process of filling a custom order for the holidays, and I greatly enjoy the freedom I've been given to choose the color palette and beads for some of the pieces. So I plan to be busy for the next couple of months with shopping and backing ... » Read More

The Change of Seasons

This is always my favorite time of year. We have just wrapped up the Halloween celebrations in my house, along with a nod to the Mexican holiday of Day of the Dead. I'm excited for the holidays, I always enjoy sharing this special time with family and friends. I'll be busy adding some items to the store, and creating personal gifts. Below is a little Halloween set I whipped up, bracelet, memory wire ring, and hoop earrings.... » Read More

Featured in Yin Yang Collection

I am very happy to be featured in this lovely collection of Yin Yang symbols. The symbol is close to my heart because it's a favorite of my husband's. He deeply believes in living life in balance, and he helped me pick out the beads for these earrings.Yin Yang   Curated By: shangrilacraftArtFire.comIndie Design... » Read More

Welcome to 2012!

It's a new year, and a new year brings renewed hope, resolutions, and good intentions. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and generally mild winter weather that seems to affecting us all.   I try not to make too many resolutions in the new year, as they tend to be like pie crusts, easily made and easily broken (to quote Mary Poppins). This past year I tried a suggestion I heard on the radio of rather than make a resolution, focus on a word. A word that embodies a value that's important, and then try to live up to that value.   My word was forgiveness, and I think it really helped me to forgive more easily and rea... » Read More