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Origin of Besheer Art Tile

Inspired by Brazilian tile, Kenneth Besheer and his wife Jacqueline left their corporate jobs and began making tiles in the 1970’s. Today they offer over 300 designs and custom tiles as decoration, souvenirs and home design elements. Their work has been commissioned by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the U.S. Capitol, the Smithsonian and Acadia National Park. Not bad for starting with no training or experience! But despite these high-profile clients, Besheer Art Tile remains a small business operating in Bedford, New Hampshire.http://www.besheerarttile.comKenneth Besheer maintains that he was a bit of a problem kid. He loved to create exper... » Read More

Easy Decorating with Hand Painted Tile

For kitchen backsplashes, countertops, fireplaces, bathrooms, and permanent installations, etc.. Order our tiles WITHOUT the complimentary backing, as this will greatly facilitate your installation. Our tile size is compatable with DalTile, American Olean and most other tile manufactures. Complimentary or contrasting solid color tiles are available through most tile stores and home improvement centers. Again, we encourage you to order one tile to help you choose a complimentary field color for your project before you place your complete order.... » Read More