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Tutorial: How to Make a Slave Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

Here you'll find step by step instructions detailing how I make my original Swarovski crystal slave bracelets!  This video tutorial will take you through each step of the process for making a bracelet with a ring attached.  You will need to have a few basic techniques on jewelry making first, namely, how to create a loop with round nose pliers, how to open and close jump rings, and how to make a wire wrapped ring.  If you've never made a wire wrapped ring before, no problem!  You can check out my Easy Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial, then come on back here once your ring is finished. And without further ado, here's my little how to video... » Read More

A New Direction: Black Leather Slave Bracelet

Cuff style slave bracelets have always been my favorite.  Since wire wrapping is kind of my thing, that's the style I'd always done, until now.  I'd met some leather toolers at a craft show, and really admired their work, but I'd always assumed that it would be really difficult to work with.  But then I found some nice soft leather cuff blanks at a local craft store, and decided to give it a shot anyway!The soft, supple leather was really easy to work with, and of course I had to add some of my trademark wire work in the form of an endless Celtic knot known as the North Star.  I created a chain to attach to the ring using a simple 2 in... » Read More

Easy Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial

This is one example of the wire wrapped rings I like to make when creating my new slave bracelets. The wire nest around the bead is easy to attach a jump ring to for attaching the ring to the bracelet. This is my first ever tutorial, so please be kind :) That said, I'd love to hear your feedback, if you feel I've missed anything, or if anything is unclear, please let me know!   Start with about 13 inches of the 20 gauge wire of your choice, for this tutorial I used silver non-tarnish copper wire. Copper is a great wire to use for practice, as it's inexpensive to replace if you make a mistake. ... » Read More