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Pageant of the Masters/Festival of the Arts, Laguna Beach, CA

  This week I had the wonderful chance, to once again, spend a late afternoon and evening at the annual Pageant of the Masters and Festival of the Arts show in Laguna Beach, CA.  Some of you may have already heard of this event, but if you haven’t, I’m here to tell you a little more about it.  I will do my best to describe the Pageant of the Masters and what actually goes on during the performance of Tableaux Vivants (living pictures), but I have found over the years, that until you see it for yourself, it’s very hard to fully appreciate the amazing transformation of classic, masterpieces of art on a fu... » Read More

Butterflies - The Personification Of The Soul

I recently found myself researching the symbolism behind butterflies as I was getting ready to list some new note cards.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect as the first piece of information I found was that of the Japanese likening the butterfly to the personification of a person's soul.  Earlier in the day I had received news that a dear friend of mine's mother had passed away.  I imagined her soul being lifted and taken upon the wings of a butterfly.  I was profoundly affected by this symbolism and decided to create a collection of butterflies, which I am sharing with you here today.  A Trio of Butterflies On This Set of ... » Read More

Unique LA - My First Public Show - final chapter!

Well I’m back again to finish the story.  The day before the show was set up day.  We were allowed to arrive at the venue, the California Market Center, at 9:30 to begin.  I was just too eager, so arrived about 9:00 am!!  We took the elevator to the 13 floor, known as The Penthouse and I checked in with Aisha, one of the event coordinators.  Off we then went to find my 6ft table and chair.  Here’s what it looked like when we arrived.   I was really happy with the location, on a corner, looking out of the floor to ceiling windows with a gorgeous view of Los Angeles.  After about 2... » Read More

Unique LA - My First Public Show (Part 3)

Hi to all - here's the third installment of my series leading up to the Unique LA show.So with 2 weeks to go before the show, I was feeling fairly confident about what I had made and how much I had made.  That was until some dear friends were over for dinner and some friendly games of poker.  As I mentioned earlier, my cards had overflowed into the living room and I had a small table set up beginning to figure out the best display options.  My incredibly supportive friends all commented how great it was all looking (and purchased a bunch of cards!) and then asked where the rest of my stock was?  “What do you mean? This is ... » Read More

Unique LA - My First Public Show (Part 2)

So I am back again with the second installment of my Unique LA Spring Show experience. The first item on the very long list of things to do was to redesign my business cards and logo.  I had been thinking for a while about a design change and now was the perfect time.  My previous cards were printed and produced through Zazzle.  This time around I chose Vistaprint for my needs, as they had a lot more merchandising items that I could also purchase with the new design.   The process was easy and the customer service was great.  I’ll tell you just how great they were in a little bit.  My order ended up being a... » Read More

Unique LA - My First Public Show (Part 1)

I’m sitting here wondering where to begin to tell you all my various experiences of my first public show selling my handcrafted designer greeting cards.   I suppose we’ll go back to December 2012 when I visited the Unique LA Winter Show, an All American Made Design and Gift Show in Downtown Los Angeles.  I wanted to see how the show was and whether it would be one I would like to explore further as a potential venue for selling my cards.  I was blown away by the size of the show and the diversity of the incredibly talented artisans that were part of the show.  Yes, I wanted to be a part of THIS community.Â... » Read More

Custom Order Completed - 230 Christmas Cards - Final Installment

Hello to all - this will be my last installment on the process of completing a customer 230 Christmas card order.  In my last post I revealed the first 100 cards had been completed - this was the Christmas tree design.Today I will show you start to finish the second design the customer chose.After having cut all the card stock to the various sizes I needed, I started with stamping the sentiment first.  The customer chose Merry Christmas for 100 of the cards and Season's Greetings for 30 of them.Next step was to use a sponging technique around the edges of the sentiment, to give it a dusted look and feel. Then onto placing those wonderful dim... » Read More

100 Christmas Cards Finished!

Hello again to all! I left off last week having just completed the sentiment stamping on the inside of the card and putting the dry embossed, ribbon-wrapped card stock onto the card base.  Now time for the fun stuff – heat embossing. Heat embossing is a method of stamping an image with a sticky inkpad – in this case a product called “Versamark”.  The image on the paper looks a little glossy and shiny, but has no color. Then embossing powder is sprinkled onto the image and it will stick to the area that has been stamped and nothing else.  The excess powder is tapped off into a tray to be used ... » Read More

230 Christmas Cards - Part 2 of 3

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last blog entry.  With a return to my regular day job of teaching and sadly having to travel to London for my 101 yr old Grandma’s funeral, well life’s just been a little hectic! With that said, it’s time I continue to share the next steps for making these cards.  The last time I wrote, I had just finished dry embossing some white card stock.  The next step was to cut some white organza ribbon two different lengths.   Once the 200 strips of ribbon were cut I had to place some double sided tape (calle... » Read More

My Custom Order - 230 Christmas Cards!!

I thought I'd share with you today what it takes to make 230 Christmas cards for a custom order.  Last year was the first year I embarked on such an epic order for this customer and it was a massive learning experience.This year, with my new Artfire shop and the ability to blog, I thought it would be fun to share the process from start to finish of what it actually takes to complete such a large order.Obviously the first meeting with the customer was to brainstorm ideas for designs, color combos, sentiments, etc. I brought along a number of samples of cards, some stamp sets and paper swatches.  The customer decided on two different designs w... » Read More

Why I Chose Artfire

Today I'd like you to understand my decision to choose selling my handmade cards through Artfire's online store as opposed to that "other" place.Once my friends had convinced me to start selling my cards online, my first thought was, great, Facebook would be awesome.  I started a "Business Page" and figured I'd start out marketing to my friends and of course they would naturally share ALL my posts and my cards would suddenly be seen by this giant network of FB users.  Uh, gosh, how naive I was!!!  I had to start researching "real" online stores.Now I'm a research 'geek' when it comes down to anything that I want to invest my money » Read More

Introduction to Cards by Li Be!

Welcome to my first blog entry.  I've been racking my brain to come up with something that's witty and interesting to share with you, but maybe I should just start at the beginning and give you some background information about who I am and how I got started hand making cards.I am an ex-pat from Great Britain and moved to the U.S. in 1991.  I live in California and absolutely love it - the weather especially!!  I have worked in a number of different industries from Public Relations to Technology to an independent film production company.  However, I finally found my true calling a number of years ago and returned to school to complete ... » Read More