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Work continues on the custom World of Warcraft Wedding Cake Topper

My latest project is a custom order World of Warcraft Pandaren wedding cake topper.  I've been having a lot of fun working on this project and things are coming along quite nicely.  You can check out this post to see how I started the armatures for the Pandaren bride and groom.  After completed the armatures I moved on to the base.  I mixed several shades of brown and gray polymer clay together and then used my stone texture plate to create the look of a stone floor. I do love those texture plates- they come in mighty handy for things like this!  I just cut a free form shape from the clay, making sure it was large... » Read More

Current project: custom order personalized World of Warcraft Pandaren Wedding Cake Topper

Just last week I received a custom order for a World of Warcraft Pandaren wedding cake topper, and I couldn't be happier to be working on this project. I always enjoy having at least one project on the work table (right now I actually have 3 different orders I'm working on).  I love a project like this because wedding cake toppers are such special and important keepsakes.  Plus these WoW characters are just really cute ;)  Pandaren are large bipedial panda-like humanoids that live in mountainous bamboo laden areas (just like your average panda bear).  Their main homeland is in a portion of Azeroth known as Pandaria.  Pe... » Read More

A new use for a handy vintage tool

Sometimes the old tools work the best   This was Gramma's vintage money counter and she used it to keep track of her grocery bill so she stayed within her budget when she went shopping.  I can remember going shopping with her as a little girl, and sometimes she'd even let me tally up the dollars and cents, which is a big deal to a 5 year old!  Event hough it's older then I am, this thing still works well.  Now I use it as a row counter when I'm knitting.  I used to keep track of my rows on a piece of paper, which was a bit of a pain.  Now I use this useful little handy counter, which is so much e... » Read More

CreativeCritters is now offering Personalized Pet Jars on ArtFire

Although I've been making custom pet sculptures for years now, the idea of personalized pet jars featuring a sculpture of your pet on the lid was actually sparked by a suggestion from my boyfriend.  I wanted to make him something special for Christmas and was planning on sculpting his dog Ziggi in his "yoga pose" when he's begging for a biscuit.  Without ever even mentioning the idea to Sal he asked if I would sculpt Ziggi for him (we do tend to think along the same lines!), but asked if I could attach the sculpture to the lid of a Mason jar so he could use it in his office for paper clips and supplies.  I took the idea a step further and... » Read More

Get your unique custom personalized wedding cake topper from CreativeCritters!

My youngest brother  got married last month and I had the honor of creating their unique wedding cake topper.  BJ and Sarah first met several years ago while playing the World of Warcraft.  His character was a female Blood Elf and her was a male Tauren.  I created their characters in polymer clay wearing the same outfits which the bride and groom would be wearing for the wedding.   Sarah wore a beautiful white wedding gown and BJ wore full Scottish dress to represent his Celtic heritage.  I even sculpte... » Read More

Conditioning and working with polymer clay

Even polymer clay that feels soft when you unwrap it still needs to be conditioned. The process of conditioning polymer clay redistributes the ingredients that may have settled during storage.  If clay isn't properly conditioned your finished project may be weaker and more prone to breakage.  You can tell that your clay is properly conditioned when you can fold it without having it crack.Start conditioning  your clay start by cutting the block into thin slices using a straight blade.  Flatten and thin each slice with a clay roller, fold it in half and repeat several times until it starts to become softer.  Cont... » Read More

Safety Tips for Working With Polymer Clay

There are two very important rules above all others concerning polymer clay. 1) Don't eat it, and 2) Don't burn it.  Beyond these two basic rules there are several more specific safety and usage issues. * First, don't leave unbaked polymer clay on painted, varnished, or lacquered surfaces as it can damage the finish after a short period of time.  (I learned this the hard way after I ruined a dresser).  The plasticizers can also be leached out of clay when it's left on some surfaces.  I only leave my clay on ceramic tiles or glass.  Once the clay is baked it becomes inert and this is no longer an issue: it ... » Read More

Hard at work once again

It's been about month and a half since I moved  to Prescott, Arizona and I'm settling into my new home nicely.  It only took a short time for this place to really start feeling like home.  I did have to take a few weeks off from work as I waited for the moving company to deliver all my craft supplies and the rest of my belongings though.  It was actually the first vacation I've had since I started CreativeCritters!  Although I'm still waiting for several boxes to be delivered, at least I now have the majority of my crafting supplies.  It took me a little time to figure out a new work schedule, but I'm now happily back... » Read More

Brands of Liquid Polymer Clay and how to use it

Liquid Polymer Clay Brands and Uses Liquid clay is a useful and versatile addition to the arsenal of anyone who works with polymer clay.  It can be used as a primary medium when colored with oil-based paint, alcohol inks, or powdered pigments such as Pearl Ex powders. It's important to mix only a drop or two at a time when coloring liquid polymer clay, until you reach the desired color.  You can easily add too much color and ruin your results. A little coloring, especially alcohol inks and paint, goes a long way.   You can store batches of colored liquid clay in small plastic bottles.  Some really int... » Read More

Custom pet sculptures from CreativeCritters

I just created listings for custom cat and dog sculptures at CreativeCritters. Using pictures you send me I sculpt your pet in polymer clay.  You can also find smaller versions of these sculptures on Fiverr.  The custom made cats and dogs I'm offering on ArtFire measure about 3 inches tall.  Each animal is individually sculpted by hand using Premo polymer clay.  I use no molds and these are one of a kind creations (just like your pet!).  I ask that customers send me several good clear pictures of their cat or dog, showing all sides and markings, along with a written description naming the breed (if known) and any distinc... » Read More

Where did polymer clay come from?

Have you ever wondered where polymer clay came from?  I know I have!  Like many clayers, I first dicovered sculpting in my high school art classes using ceramic clay which needed to be fired at high temperatures in a kiln. However, once I was out of school I no longer had access to a kiln in which to fire my creations, and buying one of my own was simply too expensive.  So I started looking for more affordable alternatives to ceramic clay and discovered polymer clay in my local Michaels craft store. The clay came in a rainbow of colors, was easy to condition, and could be cured right in my home oven.  This was the prefect... » Read More

Organizing my new craft room

There are many challenges when it comes to moving, and for an artist and crafter like myself one of the big ones is setting up the craft room all over again.  I do consider myself lucky to have a dedicated room to do my crafts in (even though I do have to share it with Miss Kitty- LOL).   Although I'm still missing several boxes of my stuff (the moving company located them, but still hasn't delivered them), I think I've got most of the items from my craft room.  The new room is about the same size as my old craft room, so everything seems to fit okay.  I'm using plastic dressers for all my beads, tools, stamps, molds,... » Read More

Featuring Zebralan

Michelle of Zebralan on ArtFire creates beautiful pieces of original art and says "I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil! I have always had the most fun and satisfaction in life using my creativity!"  Her interests include learning, reading, traveling, dining out, theatre, making the world a better place.  She's skilled at drawing, painting, photography,  and collage. You can also find Zebralan on Cafe Press, Zazzle, and her blog.Below is a small example of the beautiful creations you can find in her ArtFire shop.Flowers Butterflies 3 piece Original Art Magnet Set Pocket Mirrors- The Classic Collection-Constantine Desk Set. Or... » Read More

Featuring Wyvern Designs

Wyvern Designs offers a unique and eclectic mix of handcrafted items.All of her items are designed and created by her and each one is one of a kind.  She welcomes custom orders as well.  Within her shop you can find beautiful jewelry, items for children, ornaments, supplies, home decor, and more.  She's a graphics and jewelry designer who loves trying new materials and new techniques and is totally addicted to polymer clay.You can find Wyvern Designs online on ArtFire, Etsy, Twitter, MadeItMyself, her blog, and Facebook.Below is just a small example of the wonderful items that can be found in her shop.Mama And Baby Rubber Ducky Hangin... » Read More

Tips on how to replace a handle on a lid

I just got a really nice crock pot for only .50 from a garage sale.  The lady said it worked fine and the only thing wrong with it was that the handle for the lid had broken off.  this is one of those fancy models with the digital settings and timer- definitely worth more than .50!  Replacing a handle on a lid is pretty easy to do, so I figured I'd do a little tutorial and show you one way to replace a missing or broken handle.  This method would work on most types of lids.  Since I used polymer clay you wouldn't want to use this method for anything that goes into the oven or reaches temperatures above 275 degrees.  Y... » Read More

CreativeCritters is having a 1/2 OFF Sale!

Within a few months I'll be moving and I've been slowly but surely packing things away and preparing to move.  I think I've thrown out about 3 tons of garbage over the last couple months!  It is amazing how things can accumulate over the years.  One thing I'm not looking forward to is packing up all my sculptures, dolls, jewelry, and home decor I have for sale at CreativeCritters.  There's just so much of it (over 400 items)!  So I decided to have an inventory reduction sale.  The less I have to pack and move, the better!  I'm offering 50% off all items in six different categories:Sale Half Off miscellaneous it... » Read More
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