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Mohawk Hat By Beanie Corner

Beanie Corner managed to fill a last-minute custom order that came out perfectly and saved my brother's Christmas present! Not only that, it was her first time making this type of hat, which she did without a pattern to go by. Artisans like her help make Artfire a great place to shop, and I know if she continues to do work like this she will be very successful here. Kudos to Andra and her crochet skills! My brother is now the proud owner of Beanie Corner's first hat of this style.... » Read More

Homemade Ink?

I found a really sweet deal online for some Adirondack ink, to use on polymer clay (whose possibilities I've only just scratched the surface of yet). So, I'm waiting for it in the mail, and in the meantime I went searching for tips/tricks/techniques for using it. I stumbled on a blog by this wonderful artist who experimented with making her own inks. She found that using 90% alcohol, combined about 50/50 with liquid fabric dye (like Rit), made a workable ink for PC! Not a perfect substitute, but handy to know in a crafting emergency.... » Read More

My wonderful Marley, a.k.a. Marls Barkley

My beautiful little friend and only child. For once he holds still long enough for me to capture his cuteness. He's about 3 human years old this summer, and he's the only cat I've ever known to go from short-haired to long, to short again, and back to long. Not a little, I mean completely and drastically shed so you would'nt recognize him. He once was stuck underneath the house behind mine for 15 days before I found him, and I cannot express in words how happy I was to get him back. *sniff... » Read More
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